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1:01 a.m., July 8, 2014

By on Oct 3, 2016 in On First Communications | 0 comments

Life is a very special and important gift. We are given an opportunity to right the ways we think and act and are during our lives and then we can view it al from the other side. While we are alive we think that that is all there is and that we are somehow connected but we have such trouble seeing it feeling it. Being it. But now I can see it all and it is quite extraordinarily beautiful. It is. It is all. Jan it is important for you to keep going, keep searching, keep talking and hearing and writing. You are important in what you now know and others will be coming to you to hear. Learn how to speak so that they can know, too. You already do. It is all love. Do not worry…something will come to you in the next few days and you will know that I have helped you to see and believe it. I love you from here and forever.

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