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On Spirit Signals and Messages

It is difficult from a human perspective to imagine someone who has passed in anything but the physical form from memory. Frank helped me to understand this and to be more open to perceiving his presence in spirit form. He enabled me to pay attention so that I could then receive the messages.

12:42 a.m., January 7, 2015

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I was thinking that I felt some distance from Frank at the time. It had been nearly ten months and I was thinking about him while lying on my bed in the evening. Suddenly a gentle breeze flowed over me and I understood that it was Frank sending me a very subtle spirit signal – just letting me know he was here. It felt so good. A cool breeze. I drifted off to a quiet...

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11:11 p.m., October 29, 2016

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Awakened suddenly and not even sure what it was. But I knew that we were approaching the Day of the Dead and that this was always a time when the veil between Life and Death is very thin; souls are more easily able to be seen or heard or felt.  The numbers on the clock added exclamation points. It is time now for the major changes that are coming to begin being felt...

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2:44 a.m., October 30, 2016

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A breeze in the night is a perfect way to bring you to the computer where we can talk once more. Oh Jan – so much is in turmoil right now in the world, on earth. Energies are shifting, moving and trying to find peace where there seems to be no peace. It is a time of great change and purposeful change that will ultimately be for the best for all souls, all...

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