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On Animals

Animals have always been important in my life – along with a hopeful belief that they too have souls and our souls would be reunited beyond the veil of death. Frank affirmed this for me through some conversations.

1:01 a.m., October 14, 2014

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Because of my love for animals – all animals, I so hoped that Frank could reassure me about my animals, both living and dead. Barely six months after Frank passed, animals came up in a conversation, late in the night. Rainy night – October being our rainiest month in Costa Rica. I found myself worrying about various life things as the rain continued to pound the...

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3:00 a.m., April 25th, 2015

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Several months later I lost my little conure, Beak to a sudden and tragic accident. It was so very traumatic for me to lose this small friend. Again I felt the stabs of grief.  Frank reassured in a night conversation. Dearest Jan, I am smiling now because I watch how difficult it is for you sometimes to reach the deeper part of yourself where you can find me....

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