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On Consciousness

My book, ‘A Woman Awakens: Life, AfterLife’ began with Raphael’s words, ‘You are to be Conscious’ and I searched through eighteen years for the meaning. And I continue now. In the year after he passed, our conversations flowed more readily. And consciousness came up…

10:20 p.m., May 4, 2015

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It is so very important to remember that every soul has a path, a way to move through all the lessons of life on earth – and they make their choices. The way is often difficult for them for at this time on earth, during this great shift, there is so much resistance that is in the form of war and hate and pain and fear. They must find their way through this just as...

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11:11 p.m., May 10, 2015

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Anniversary date again… I woke – but not sure that Frank woke me. I glanced at the clock and thought it said 11: 51, but when I looked again – it was 11:11…Hm. I’m just restless. Wondering. CAN you prove to me that you are here and talk to me? Tell me what you would want me to do.. Jan, beautiful jan. you know that I am here when you see me change the clock or move...

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11:00 p.m., May 13, 2015

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Not sure what woke me tonight – but I felt Frank. I feel him close – still wanting to be close to me. Sometimes I doubt myself, especially writing this book. I wonder, does anyone even think about consciousness? It is not a word that intrigues many people I think. In my mind I asked the question. What do you think Frank? Well, consciousness is a big word. Way way...

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2:46 a.m., May 19, 2015

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I’ve been anxious recently. World news is so upsetting – US elections gearing up, TPP, It feels like we as a human civilization are really going over the cliff… Oh dear Jan. Yes, I can say something to you and with you. The earth is going through some of its most difficult and finest times. You can see them both.. Along with the calamitous events that play out you...

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11:12 p.m., May 25, 2015

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I was suddenly awakened by what sounded like an alarm – a sharp, ring and it sounded like it was right above my head – but when I instantly awakened, Seurat was quietly asleep, next to my legs – and Frida in the other room wasn’t stirring either. It was only an alarm for me. I glanced at the digital clock – and saw it was 11:12 – and thought that probably it had...

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