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On Ego Versus Soul

We humans are often burdened by boisterous Egos that tend to overshadow our quieter souls. When times are especially tense, it is even more difficult to find the space to encourage our soul experiences; soul growth. Still it is always there – in the choices we make.

12:22 a.m., November 2, 2015

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I was immersed into the process of editing and preparing the manuscript for my editor to read. Working hard with long days it seemed like life was hectic and busy. US elections were still a year away, but the tension was mounting during the endless spectacle of Primaries and election craziness. I was tired. I was awakened in the night a couple of times and while I...

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12:34 a.m., December 30, 2015

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I am here, dearest Jan – and I’ve been wanting to talk with you. I am so proud of you – walking with the dogs, being with friends, getting out more. And Peggy is coming soon! You know that I will be there with you both. Jan, I know that you are tired of life. I know that it beats you down – all the distress in the world. All the hatred and hurt. I know that there...

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12:00 a.m., March 30, 2016

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After a week long Watercolor Intensive with a family of four I was very tired. I slept for almost 20 hours after they left. It was a really good time that we had though the weather is now unbearably hot here with El Nino. The plants are suffering so. I’m hopeful that the Green season rains will come soon. Dearest Jan – it has been awhile since we talked together...

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11:11 a.m., July 8, 2016

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You know Jan – you and I got to really experience what it means to have a deep soul connection on earth – and that is not often felt by humans. Many of the animals feel it, know it – but humans are so trapped in the frivolity of their Egos, their all important daily goings on that they aren’t able to experience the most important thing they are here to find, to be....

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12:00 a.m., August 15, 2016

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Please understand that as hopeless as it sometimes looks today in the world, it is not. There is a great and grand plan and in order for a soul to change, to alter its progress – it must face obstacles and make choices. That is how it works. Every soul on earth is being tested now and the opportunities are plentiful for growth. Many are finding themselves challenged...

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